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13 Dec 2017

Success Life Inspirational Motivational Quotes status

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Life status || Motivational Status Quotes || success inspirational status quotes image picture 

Motivational quotes image picture 

Life is not easy 
              Just be yourself 

              right time
        Never Come ......... 
Just have to make time right. 
  "Time with whom
They beat the elders. "
'Crow' also sitting at the rich house 
Everyone seems 'peacock' .. 
The hungry child of the poor too 
Everyone seems 'thief' ..

Success life status Quotes 

Success and failure status quotes image picture 

  Life should be such that 
    Appreciate relationships, 
          And the relationship is such that 
  Forced to remember .. !! 

In the Rann Basarera of the world .. 
   Do not know how many days to stay, 
       Take the hearts of everyone .. 
  This is the jewel of life .. !! 
 Patience with family 
                  Love is called,
Patience with others 
                Honor is called, 
Patience with self 
       Confidentiality is called, 
Patience with God 
                 Faith is called! 

Life motivational quotes status 

Life quotes image picture photos wallpaper download 

             People say
         When someone 
        Goes away 
     It is a big problem, 

       More trouble on 
   Occurs when someone 
  Make distances even by passing! 

             Gardener Daily 
    Watering plants but 
 Fruits come in season only 

                  That's why 
                   every day
     Better work should be done.
      Result must be on time 
                   will get.

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Life status shayari quotes image picture 

    * If the thorn gets out of the foot *
       * Fun to walk, *
* And if the ego gets out of the mind .. *
     * Enjoying life .. *
     * What is the difference between running feet, *
         * One is ahead then one behind. *
    * But neither is the proud person ahead *
      * And do not insult the person behind. *
           * Because they know *
      * That is going to change this momentarily. *
       * "This is called life"? *

Best success status shayari quotes image picture 

Success life quotes status 

        * Someone asked us if *
   * You "Good Morning" every morning; *
      * Remind everyone *,
                  *So what*

    * He also remembers you ...? * 
              * We said: *

          * I have to relate *
          * Do not compete. *.
 * We all want to be in "hearts" *,
              *"no brains*.

       * "In the rain shelter of the world .. *
  * Do not know how many days to stay? *

    * "Take the hearts of all ... *
 * This is the jewel of life. ".. !! 

* A beautiful line .... *

* Create fewer relationships *
* Play them diligently ....! *

Life quotes status shayari 

Success life quotes image picture 

* There is everything in heaven but not death; *
* There is everything in the Gita but not the lie; *
* There is everything in the world but no one is happy, * * and * * Today, everything is in the human but not pity *

* What are you doing here: *

* I can not buy happiness or sell gum, but I do not know how to earn every day .... *

Best motivational success life quotes status 

Motivational success life quotes status 

       * Do not Neem Negative *
            * That is bitter *!
* Swarming tongue is *
        * Who likes sweet *

* Never be confused, _ *
        * _that thinking that ... _ *
            * Work my_ *
         * Someone's name *

       _ * Ghee and Ruui centuries, * _
       _ * Burning ... ..., * _
          *People say…,*
        * Is burning. *

Success life quotes status shayari 

Success in life status image picture 

 * seems hard *
          * To make dreams true, *
* Cheers *
          * To get the bulldums, *
* It takes time to make life, *
      * And life still falls short *
* In relationships * .. 

* Testing time is *,
    * As a matter of time *,
       * As the form of compulsions * !!!

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Inspirational status photos wallpaper download 

* Luck is just your *
       * Seeks the ability! *

* Anyone in life, *
     * Do not compare yourself, *
           * It's like you, it's best! *